Edelbrock-blown Mustang GT Set to Become Ultimate Street Monster

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Edelbrock E-FORCE Supercharger

What happens when you take a 10-speed Mustang and mate it with Eaton TVS 2650 rotors? 685 wheel horsepower. That’s what.

The Mustang Source was fortunate enough to walk the gates of Valhalla last week for a glorious tour of some really righteous automotive machinery. The Edelbrock Performance headquarters in Torrance, California is a manufacturing titan— the company has two warehouses on campus that house 70 CNC machines, several 3D printers and multiple engine dyno rooms. Suffice to say, volume is just plain massive.

The best part of the entire tour is the trip to the “Toy Barn,” as Edelbrock employees affectionately call it. This is where all the fun really takes place, and grown men become 10-year old kids again. The garage is the tinker toy environment for experimentation, and they just so happened to have a 2019 Mustang GT not only getting a body makeover but healthier internals, too.

Edelbrock E-FORCE Supercharger

Ford Might + Edelbrock Performance

The GT you see here is a donor car from Saleen, and it is a 10-speed shiftable automatic, in case you were wondering. Nevertheless, the engineers just plopped on the hot-new E-Force DP-3C supercharger packed with Eaton TVS 2650 rotors. For clarity, It is a pretty similar build to the insanely-fast 9.27-second Mustang that recently won the supercharger shootout at the Atlanta Dragway, in case you were wondering about that as well. Only difference is that it’s missing an E85 fuel kit and headers.

“We supply tunes for 91 and 93 octane and on pump gas, we’re looking at 685 to the wheels, depending on whether it’s an automatic or a manual,” said Nick Purciello, Edelbrock Product Manager. “Most customers are going to take their numbers from a chassis dyno, so we like to advertise those numbers instead of an engine dyno because they are more relatable.”

Edelbrock E-FORCE Supercharger

Massive Air Flow

As you can see, this blower comes standard with an eight-rib belt drive system and has a massive modular inlet that can swallow your entire arm if you were to put your hand in it. This particular build will connect a big ol’ 103-millimeter throttle body with a 113-millimeter mass air flow housing adapter to a proprietary open-element air box. You also get a high-capacity, triple-core intercooler. All that air grabbing will make this car capable of 1,000 RWHP.

The car is otherwise 100 percent stock in terms of its motor and transmission. And with the DP-3C being Edelbrock’s Stage 2 kit, it’ll still have plenty of room to grow. Best of all, this kit remains 50-state emissions legal and all new cars are eligible for the company’s supplemental 36,000-mile/three-year powertrain warranty. So in case anything goes wrong, Edelbrock will help you cover some of the cost.

“Our team is always tasked with making a calibration that is not only drivable for your average person but deliver the the horsepower goal we’re looking for while also being emissions-compliant,” said Purciello. “Quite the task to put those three things together, so I give them a lot of credit for that.”

Photos for The Mustang Source by Derin Richardson

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