Loud Pipes & Tune Transform YouTuber’s ’18 GT Into a 500-HP Beast

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Long-tube Corsa headers, massive cold air intake, E85, 93 octane and flex-fuel tunes. This thing screams.

There’s no better feeling than getting a ton of stuff done on your project car. Especially when the end result is a huge horsepower boost and a lot of incredible noise. YouTuber Riley of RP Productions was recently in that position with his black 2018 Mustang GT. And luckily, he filmed it all so we could enjoy it.

He pulls into the J-Rod Speed Shop outside of Houston with a car-full of goodies. When he gets it out of the shop two days later, it’s practically a new car. On the menu is a set of long-tube Corsa headers to match up with his already-installed Corsa catback exhaust, a massive JLT 120mm cold air intake, an oil catch can (also from JLT), and a Lund Racing N-Gauge with built-in E85, 93 octane, and flex-fuel tunes. When all is said and done, Riley will be the proud owner of a 500-plus horsepower Mustang GT 

A few projects that add up

RP Productions' 500-plus HP '18 Mustang GT.

Going into the shop, he chats with J-Rod and notes that the garage is full of GM performance cars. J-Rod says that’s because they keep “the Fords in the front.” Right away, this seems like our kind of shop. As the shop puts his car on the lift, Riley leaves with his friend Frank in his silver S550 GT. Ostensibly, they’re going to pick up some fresh oil (Motorcraft 5W30, in case you were wondering), but stop along the way to do a couple quick pulls.

The next day, Riley is back at the shop. The right header bolted on no problem, and the left goes on without a fight about two hours later. After everything is bolted together, he runs the Lund tuner (which takes a reasonable 11 minutes), then fires up the car. To say there’s a difference would be an understatement.

RP Productions' 500-plus HP '18 Mustang GT

Shouting over the new exhaust, Riley yells “Whoa mama! That is a lot different!” Outside, or with the windows down, the ‘Stang is a beast. Luckily, with the windows up, you’re still able to have a conversation at highway speeds. In short, it’s perfect.

The rest of the video shows Riley learning how to datalog the Lund and shaking the car down. After pulling over to chat with a friend and fellow Mustang owner, you hear the friend yell “it sounds like a real Mustang!” We don’t disagree. In all, the video is a bit all over the place, but then again, when you’re tackling a bunch of projects all at once, that’s how it goes. We can’t wait to see where Riley’s mods end up taking him.

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