Supercharged Mustang Battles Savage 1,000-HP Camaro

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YouTuber just barely installed a fresh Coyote motor in his S550 and is already being called out.

Gavin Simon creator of the popular YouTube channel ItsJusta6 recently added some major power to his Mustang. He has now installed the MMR 1,000 hp engine and is ready to test it out. After he is hit up by a Camaro owner in the area, he is off to get in some race time.

The Camaro is a serious contender. The sixth-gen Camaro makes 858 whp without nitrous, and 1,088 whp with. Yeah, it is a badass. Of course, Simon’s Mustang is also a bonafide monster. It has a VMP performance Gen 3 Supercharger and is pretty amazing.

itsjusta6 mustang

Before the race, Simon spends some time doing a data log on a third gear pull from 2,000 rpms to redline. It gives us a nice sense of what his Mustang is capable of. Simon then meets up with the Camaro owner. After checking out the car, they discover the coolant is leaking. But they decide to go ahead and take it to the streets.

While the Camaro is performing pretty well, it is clear that this coolant issue is holding the driver back. So after a few runs, they decide on a raincheck. Fortunately, Simon meets up with a Mustang GT looking for a little trouble.

itsjusta6 mustang vs mustang

He gives the other Mustang a head start, and makes a fairly huge error here that we won’t spoil. Thankfully, the car is fine. And the interior set up is very well done, race-ready and sexy.

After another run, it is clear that Simon’s Mustang is just going to crush the GT, but it is fun to watch and listen to.

ItsJusta6 Mustang

It’s a fun and casual video, and anyone who has spent any time street racing will appreciate the frustrating roadblocks along the way. We’ll keep an eye out for upcoming footage that really lets that monster engine roar.

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