Line Lock Standard on 2018 EcoBoost Mustangs

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Now everyone can shred tires to their hearts’ content.

Everyone loves a good burnout. There’s a certain level of skill involved in executing a halfway decent one, and there’s no shame in admitting that sometimes that skill is lacking. If you want consistency when you’re showing off, you want a line lock.

Mustang Burnout

A line lock system locks the front brakes in place, allowing you to spin the rear tires to your heart’s content, until the pop, the cops come, or something breaks. Ford actually offers this system on the GT, limiting its use to 15 seconds at a time to prevent excessive warranty claims from overzealous boy-racer owners. Smart move.

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Now, the four-cylinder EcoBoost guys can get in on the fun. That’s because, for 2018, the line lock feature will be standard on all EcoBoost Mustangs. Available with either the six-speed manual or the ten-speed automatic, the line lock will work the same as it does on the GT.

Now our forced-induction, displacement challenged friends can join the fun. With impressive performance right out of the box and some pretty impressive aftermarket builds so far, the EcoBoost Mustang has proven that maybe there is a replacement for displacement.

A nice little Easter egg for owners is the dashboard display, which will show an animation of a spinning, smoking wheel when the line lock is activated. Neat.

To show off the new feature, Ford corralled none other than Mustang drifter extraordinaire Vaughn Gittin, Jr. to make a video. When you’re looking to show off Mustang burnouts, there really is no other choice. The man is a professional tire killer.

Get your own line lock later this year when the 2018 Mustangs go on sale. Whether you of=pt for the EcoBoost or the GT, you’re sure to have a lot of fun … and put the tire shop guy’s kid through college while you’re doing it.

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