GT350R Ride Along Proves Moms Have Fun Too

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See that face above? That is a face of joy. It might look like she’s about to start screaming, but by her own words, she says riding shotgun in a Ford Mustang GT350R is “an absolutely phenomenal feeling.”

Youtube personality Savage Geese saw an opportunity and took advantage of the fact that he had to take his mother to the hospital for a procedure. It’s not salacious, it’s not crazy, it’s just a short and sweet ride-along video of Geese and Mother Goose checking out the hardest-core version of the S550 Mustang.

At first, it looks like she’s a bit frightened, and you kind of wonder what in the world this upcoming procedure is. Should she really be elevating her blood pressure right before this? But to viewers’ delight, she reassures her son that it’s a great car and that she loves it, despite the fact that her stomach is in the rear seat.

“I won’t need to have surgery,” she says after a tense giggle. “That’s an absolutely phenomenal feeling.”

Mother-son bonding is a beautiful thing.

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via [Savage Geese]

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