Fox Body Mustang with a Dual Personality

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This 1,200-horsepower Fox Body Mustang is capable of doubling as a cruiser as well.

These days, hearing about a turbocharged Fox Body Mustang putting out 1,200 horsepower on the dragstrip really isn’t big news.

Turbocharged 302 Fox Body

But learning of a 1990 model packing that kind of power that the owner can still cruise as an everyday ride? Well, that’s something you don’t hear about every day, which makes Chad Hunt’s Fox Body a different kind of beast.

“It’s built for no-prep and was made to endure 30- to 50-mile cruises before the race,” Chad, tells “The car has stock glass, stock doors, and a full interior.” Even the glass on the hatchback of the Fox Body is totally stock.

Chad bought the Mustang from a friend and started the build process in 2015, with the goal of competing in True Street Style classes, which requires participants to adhere to strict regulations.


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When Chad first bought the Fox Body, it featured a 447 cubic-inch nitrous motor. But the 447 has since been swapped out for a 302 cubic-inch Coyote engine prepped by the team at MPR Racing Engines, with a precision pro-mod 85 turbo and methanol injection. The custom Fox Body build also features a Powerglide transmission and Moser 9-inch rear-end.

Chad says he hasn’t put the car through a dyno run for official numbers, but he suspects it might actually put down more than 1,200 horsepower based on some of the car’s track times. “We’ve had it on the dyno for tuning purposes, but never to get the numbers,” says the builder. “I have an idea of what I think it makes, and it’s north of 1,200 horsepower to the wheels.”

That’s probably going to raise some suspicions here about the Fox Body’s “true” output. But after hearing this thing roar down a dragstrip (as captured in the video above), we suspect a lot of the naysayers might have a different opinion.

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