2017 ‘Mustang Memories’ Car Show Overflows with Horsepower

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Annual gathering has become one of the hottest events during Woodward Dream Cruise weekend.

There’s nothing like a Ford Mustang gathering, as we’re sure most here at The Mustang Source will attest. This is especially true when it’s tied to something as monumental as the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Mustang Memories Show

As you might imagine, the annual Detroit event has long been a popular meeting spot for fans of the Ford pony car. But one of the biggest attractions during Woodward Dream Cruise weekend has become the Mustang Owners Club of Southeastern Michigan (MOCSEM) “Mustang Memories” event, which is held at Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn the day after the big event on Woodward Avenue. As highlighted in a report by Mustang 360, the event is continuing to grow.

In fact, according to the report, more than 800 cars were at last year’s event, and the 2017 gathering topped that, featuring practically every Mustang model imaginable.

Then again, if you were to draw an analogy to sports and Mustang clubs, you could argue MOCSEM would probably be the Dallas Cowboys or New England Patriots of the league. Though narrowing it down to one of those teams would likely depend on which member you asked. But there’s certainly no disputing that the MOCSEM is pretty much the home team when it comes to Mustang clubs. After all, the group of Southeastern Michigan owners, which was formed in 1975, was birthed in the backyard of where the Mustang was born and is currently built.

We’ve pulled a few of our favorite Mustang 360 photos from the MOCSEM gathering and shared them below. But the full gallery (linked here) provides a much broader scope of all the cool models that were on display at the event.

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