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A Rant: Hellaflush Tickets

Old 8/26/14, 05:32 PM
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A Rant: Hellaflush Tickets

Recently, a friend of mine put up a link to a driver in Wisconsin with a warning ticket for a vehicle “Visibly out of alignment” and “Fixed part contact road before wheel rim”. While I am no fan of the “Hella-Flush” movement, and am a lesser fan of a police officer taking time out to ticket a vehicle that has “visible” alignment issues, how does this officer know that the alignment is really off simply because he can see the camber? Can he also visibly see the scrub radius? Answer is no.

Read the rest on the Mustang Source homepage.
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Old 8/26/14, 05:45 PM
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"Hella flush" is hella stupid. Leave that garbage to the VW scene kiddies.

Problem with this is that it's dangerous - tires are not made to be stretched on wheels like that or driven basically on the corner of the tread/sidewall in extreme cases, and makes a deadly blowout at 70 mph a much larger reality.

It's a risk to others on the road and I stay the hell away from every POS I see with this look. Cops can ticket them all day long for all I care, because it's a safety issue, plain and simple.

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Old 8/28/14, 01:56 AM
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it is very dangerous to stretch tires... its even more so when you do it on a car with over 400hp..

Canada is making it against the law..

other discussions on the matter
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Old 8/28/14, 02:07 AM
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I don't see any difference between getting ticketed for this and for having bald/cracked/otherwise significantly damaged & dangerous tires.
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Old 8/28/14, 07:13 AM
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This is actually a "thing" that is done on purpose? Whenever I see a car like this, I just assume the owner doesn't have a clue what the hell he's doing. I still find my assumption to be valid...
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This is an epidemic in the Honda community lol. I know, i traded my 2011 Si for my 2014 Gt. This was one of the reasons i got away from the Honda scene was because of all the idiots that make the true enthusiasts look bad! A proper drop looks good but this Hella flush is Hella stupid! I hope these Hella fools stay outa the Mustang community!
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Old 8/28/14, 07:43 PM
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Hella Stupid!!!
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Old 8/29/14, 06:24 AM
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OK so would someone please explain what this is to an old man .....
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Old 8/29/14, 06:27 AM
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sorry read some of the links, which explained what this is all about. thanks anyway.
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Old 8/29/14, 06:54 AM
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There's a BMW Z3 convertible running around's slammed with tiny tires, lowrider-style gold rims, and I swear that the rear camber is gotta be off by 20 degrees judging from the angle of the tires. Both quarters around the wheel openings are wrinkled from tire contact and covered with rubber residue. And he drives it like he was at Watkins Glen.

Hey, it's his car and money so he can do whatever he wants. But this thing is a wreck waiting to happen when he blows a tire, and it's innocent people who may get hurt.

I don't get it.
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Old 8/31/14, 10:40 AM
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I had one of these "hellaflushed" Civics come by me at our annual voluntary toll road for Muscular Dystrophy. THere was barely a contact patch on the rear tires... unsafe and stupid looking.
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Old 8/31/14, 11:45 AM
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Hella and flush sound quite ghetto together.
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Saw my first hellaflush since I heard the term. On a Miata. Looked stupid as sh*t. Rear wheels looked all "knock-kneed" with the stretched tire. Dumb
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Old 8/31/14, 11:01 PM
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I have been seeing more of them recently. Hella gay. I saw a bug that had so much camber that he almost lost control driving 30 in the rain. So retarded.
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Old 9/5/14, 10:31 PM
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I am like the fellow elsewhere who had to read the links to know what this was ...
Originally Posted by Mustang Freak View Post
Hella Stupid!!!
... it fits.
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