Watch a Monster of a Coyote Mustang Hit 200 mph

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After several runs in the 190’s, this twin-turbo Coyote powered Mustang breaks through the 200-MPH mark.

In this video from BigKleib34 on YouTube, the Mustang’s owner looks quite relaxed about popping the 200 miles-per-hour barrier. He claims the car was his daily driver two years ago, which we believe. However, we don’t really believe he just stuck a pair of turbos on it to make a 200 MPH in the standing mile. Really fast drag guys love to keep their little secrets and tend to be cagey. He chooses his words carefully, telling us there’s no head work, no cams and the bores are stock. Notice though, he didn’t say the engine is stock.

200 mph Ford Mustang Coyote engine

Regardless of whether it’s been on the dyno, the proof is in the blazing standing mile runs. We’ll buy that it’s making around 1,000 horsepower. We’ll also buy that the bores are stock, but he would have had to put serious money on forged rods and pistons.

What really interests us though, is what’s happening in the bottom end of the engine. He’s happy to give the horsepower number away, but it still needs buckets of torque to get to 200 MPH in the mile. Particularly for getting off the line. The right gearing in a Powerglide transmission will only get you so far.

200 mph Ford Mustang Coyote engine

Whatever that Coyote lump has lurking underneath, we certainly appreciate a low-key monster. Particularly the way it smoked the Camaro. The driver maybe super cool chill, but you know he was grinning as the Camaro thought it had him before he sailed past it to put his 200 MPH on the clock.

“A real simple car, with a real simple build,” he said. Which is probably true. But the reality is that to make something simple and perform like that, you have to know what you’re doing. A Coyote motor is a solid first ingredient, we know that for sure.

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