Mustang GT Owners Tie Up SFO Bay Bridge Traffic With Donuts

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Mustang driver is arrested for stopping Sunday morning traffic on the famous San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to pull some scenic donuts.

Sitting in morning traffic is an annoying fact of life for city dwellers, and even more annoying if it’s a Sunday when roads shouldn’t be busy. Perhaps these guys with two Mustangs and a Toyota Supra thought they were giving travelers a fun alternative to being miserable because someone rear-ended another car while sipping coffee and checking Facebook. Perhaps they spent the night getting high and just decided that the middle of the San Francisco Bay Bridge is just an awesome place to go make some tire smoke. Either which way, it didn’t end well for them, and it is a stark reminder of why being stupid doesn’t pay.

As you can see in the video above on Mercury News’ official YouTube page, these hooligans paid a pretty big price. A police statement reads: “Earlier today CHP Golden Gate dispatch center received calls of multiple vehicles on the freeway in the Oakland area engaged in side show activity. It was then reported the vehicles were headed towards the Bay Bridge.”

Mustangs perform donuts on San Francisco Bay Bridge

According to Mercury News, on August 19 at around 10:45 a.m, a male driver was arrested on suspicion of reckless driving and exhibition of speed and also had his SN95 Convertible Mustang impounded for 30 days. A police statement says, “Numerous other vehicles suspected to be involved with the side show were also stopped for mechanical violations as they exited the Bay Bridge.”

San Francisco California Highway Patrol said, “We would like to take this opportunity to thank the public for calling in the crimes witnessed as well as providing us with video evidence to assist with charges filed.” They also posted the video to Twitter because cops enjoy their social media likes and engagement as much as anybody else.

Mustangs driver arrested for donuts on San Francisco Bay Bridge

It certainly does make for a striking video but not one we can condone despite the superb location choice. We’re pretty sure this isn’t a location scouting crew for Ken Block’s next video though.

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