James Derek Sapienza has worked as a writer and editor in the world of automotive journalism since 2015.

He has a BS in History at SUNY Brockport, with a focus on American popular culture. A fan of the classics with a special interest in German cars, he is a proud owner of a 1991 W124 Mercedes. He is a frequent contributor to Mustang Forums, MBWorld, 5Series, Rennlist, and more.

James can be reached at [email protected]

Youtuber to Make 1,000-HP Monster Mustang Into Drift Master

Drift Mustang in Progress

Most people with Stangs either choose straight-line dominance, or drift madness. But who says you can’t have it both ways? 

  Comments | By - December 19, 2018

Whipple-charged 2014 Mustang GT Runs Savage 8s on the Strip

Andrew Lambert's 2014 Mustang GT.

Who says you can’t teach an old horse new tricks? 

  Comments | By - December 7, 2018

Has the ’03 Terminator Cobra Lost its Edge?

2003 Ford Mustang Cobra

It’s been a long 15 years since the super Mustang’s launch, but time couldn’t have dulled the car that much, right?

  Comments | By - December 4, 2018

Ohio Dealer Sells Nitrous-boosted Mustang GTs at MSRP

2019 Ford Mustang

Remarkably, Beechmont Ford’s bottled ponies still come with a full factory warranty. 

  Comments | By - December 3, 2018

Near-stock 2019 Mustang GT Yields Bonkers Horsepower on Dyno

"Project Carnage" 2019 Ford Mustang GT.

Ford’s official specs for the GT says it makes 480 horsepower, so how the heck is this one pushing 489 to the rear wheels?

  Comments | By - November 19, 2018

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