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This Small-Tire Mustang Drag Racer is a Big Winner

Mustang at Outlaw Armageddon TheMustangSource 1

Boost12, a New Edge Mustang from Chicago, has been on a journey – in terms of location and power.

  Comments | By - August 24, 2016

Your Stock GT350R Has a Top Speed of 169 MPH

top speed

Your GT350R is a pretty darn quick ride. But how fast will it actually go?

  Comments | By - August 23, 2016

Are Saleen’s Financial Troubles About to Burst?

Supercharged-Saleen-Prototype (8)

Saleen has only had one profitable quarter since putting the company back together, and as such has accumulated a sizable amount of debt.

  Comments | By - August 19, 2016

1960s Era Ford Race Cars Ready for New Owners


If you like vintage race cars, and you like Ford products, and you have a particularly large amount of commas in your bank account, then you’re in luck.

  Comments | By - August 18, 2016

Throwback Thursday: 1992 SAAC Mk1 Fox Body Retro Review


Ask anyone what the rarest Fox Body is, and they will likely quip that it’s the Cobra R. With 107 of those made, they’d be pretty darn close. But sorry: no cigar.

  Comments | By - August 4, 2016

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