I’d rather the Mustang not return to Le Mans. What I want Ford to do is bring back the GT40 for another go.

These numbers still have to be certified, but they are official Ford horsepower and torque stats. Swim among the facts and figures after the jump.

We all probably should just move on from the debate over whether the Mustang Ecoboost is a fitting name for the new model of the pony car. It’s a done deal now as Ford is already kicking up promotions for the car by holding a recent closed-course ride-along for a few select journalists including the guys at Road & Track.

Ford seems to have settled on the name for the new 2015 Mustang featuring the 2.3-liter Ecoboost engine, and, well, it’s not exactly what I expected.

The state of public driving exams in the US is very poor as it just teaches you the basics and not much else. It’s actually a wonder how we don’t have more accidents involving teen drivers out of high school with the lack of skills taught by, typically, Physical Education teachers. That’s why Ford created [...]