It seems that a few of those 2015 EcoBoost Mustangs might have been a little too eager to get out of the stable.

Setting out to prove that the new EcoBoost Mustang is capable of a lot more than people think, the Bama Performance team took another run at the track, hoping to make their first 12-sec pass in the car.

The Blue Oval sold 8,728 Mustangs last month — the first full month of 2015 sales — making it the best November for the vehicle since 2006 and allowing it to zoom past the Camaro and become the best-seller in the U.S. muscle car sector.

The latest we’ve come across are the numbers for one of the first tuners to beef up the output on the EcoBoost’s turbocharged 2.3-liter engine.

The new EcoBoost Mustang is certainly getting put to the test. In fact, it would be easy to think it’s the only new Mustang being offered based on all the buzz it’s getting along with questions on how it really measures up.