The latest we’ve come across are the numbers for one of the first tuners to beef up the output on the EcoBoost’s turbocharged 2.3-liter engine.

The new EcoBoost Mustang is certainly getting put to the test. In fact, it would be easy to think it’s the only new Mustang being offered based on all the buzz it’s getting along with questions on how it really measures up.

Out on the track (where this car belongs) the little EcoBoost is a stormer — more so than the GT. That’s why I’d rather have the EcoBoost.

Ford hasn’t even begun selling the new Mustang and they think they already have a problem with it. Ford believes dealers are going to have a problem selling the four-cylinder turbo EcoBoost Mustang; so much so that they have begun to send out trainers to show the salespeople how to sell this car.

I drove both the EcoBoost and the V8 GT. This might surprise you, but I’d have the EcoBoost.