VIBE Motorsports of SoCal Carves Malibu Canyon in Super Mustangs

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West Coast car company VIBE Motorsports shows you how to dominate California’s roads with ultra-custom Mustangs.

One thing that’s difficult to do when you buy a Mustang is to leave it stock. After all, an unmodified car is a blank canvas for all of your creativity to be proudly displayed. Wheels and tires are an obvious go-to for changing how a car looks, and of course you have to make it sound better too, so why not throw an exhaust on there?

In southern California, it’s almost a prerequisite to change these things on your car. At least it would help you fit in with some of the exotics that you see here in a video on the official YouTube page of VIBE Motorsports first Malibu canyon run. With a starting point at Zuma Beach and a final gathering spot at the King Gillette Ranch, this event is made for the enthusiasts who drive their cars.

VIBE Motorsports

We took a look at what VIBE is all about, and some of the Mustangs they have created are really astonishing to look at. A favorite number of theirs appears to be 20, with a number of Mustangs on rims of that diameter. S550’s are the main focus, but there’s some S197 builds they have done as well. Widebody kits are also on display too.

VIBE Motorsports

Exposed rivets are on a wide body S550 kit which sits on 20-inch Rohana RFX5 wheels, and even for an EcoBoost, looks like it belongs right in line with all the other exotics carving up the twisty mountain roads.

Don’t have something built up yet? VIBE Motorsports goes beyond just selling, and will work with you to plan those next changes and help build your dream car, just like some of the Mustangs you see in the video. Since VIBE Motorsports works with all the top names in the industry, picking out the perfect parts is as enjoyable as a drive through the SoCal mountains.

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