YouTuber Surprises Wife By Trading 2003 Mustang GT for S550 Model

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She thought it was a prank at first but replacing her 2003 New Edge GT with a 2016 Mustang GT scored him major brownie points.

Caleb Richards has a big surprise for his wife. After owning a New Edge 2003 Mustang GT for the past six years, he felt it was time for a change, as you’ll see in the above video from his YouTube channel Foxcast Media. Not just because the car is a bit long in the tooth, but also because of how awesome she has been in helping him out with his business, Foxcast. Richards explains, “she’s really big into Mustangs.

“Her dad was into Mustangs. Of course I’m into Mustangs. This thing has been a total rock, but as you can see the car has 197,000 miles,” he continues. With a long commute for work and kids to take to school, Richards’ wife does spend a lot of time in her car. “Time for a change,” he says.

New Edge upgraded to S550

As it turns out, a lightly used 2016 S550 Mustang GT ended up for sale locally, and the offer was too good to pass up. Knowing all along it would be a surprise, he planned the big reveal in a stealthy way by making the garage door appear inoperable, but making it open on queue for the big reveal.

New Edge Mustang Reality sets in when Richards hands the keys to his wife, to which she excitedly lets out “It’s mine?!?” But she was still in such disbelief that she had to make sure it wasn’t a prank or a friend’s Mustang.

Mustang wife surprise

After settling in to the new ride, some initial impressions were gathered. First of all, it’s far nicer than the New Edge 2003 Mustang and by far it’ll be more reliable with fewer miles. And it is a bit bigger, too. But of course that Coyote motor is the main attraction. When Richards asks his wife how it feels, she says “I like it, it’s smooth,” and after smashing the throttle, “oooh that feels good!!” And that’s how a power couple grows even stronger.

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