This Cord Kit Car is Based on a 1969 Mustang

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This monstrosity was built back in 1969 by a company S.A.M.C.O Inc. It’s basically just a fiberglass body on a 302-powered Mustang. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry–it just seems wrong on so many levels. Then again, it’s better than a VW-based replica from the same era. The car is on eBay now if you are interested, but I’m warning you: what has been seen cannot be unseen. Via BangShift




I have here for your consideration a REPLICA of a 1937 Cord 812, built in 1969 by S.A.M.C.O Inc. I am selling this for a collector who has decided to downsize. This particular vehicle was just service and runs extremely well. Needs only paint to complete the glamorous look of a ’37 Cord. Headlamps are fixed on this version.
This vehicle is ready to be delivered to your location!
Here are some of the features:

* Ford 302 ci V8 motor
* Ford Mustang platform and drivetrain
* New Convertible Top
* New Rear Luggage/Trunk
* New Wire Wheels

* Many new parts were recently purchased as part of it’s mechanical restoration. Please email me for more detail or to make an offer.


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