These Are The Most Amazing “Cobra” Wheels You Will Ever See

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You get four rims for the price of ten? Sign us up! (Please don’t actually sign us up)

As the headline says, these rims are “amazing,” and that’s fully accurate based on your definition of that word. Found on eBay, these rims go for an eye-watering $10,000, but apparently for that price, you can get yourself a fully customized set.

Information on the wheels is a bit scarce, but apparently you can quite literally design anything your heart desires. You can even “find a photo from your favorite magazine or website.” We find that a bit odd, since you can just buy the wheels you found for far less than $10,000 anyway… Anyway, there’s apparently no issue at all when it comes to using a copyrighted logo or knock off rim design.

Featured here, though, are these “Cobra” rims and immediately we can see something wrong. Structural integrity is questionable where the base of the tail meets the hub. Though we don’t have a set of these rims in front of us, it just looks far too thin.

To their credit, the Cobra wheels are said to be forged, and not cast aluminum. But we still have reservations about their ability to hold up, given the incredibly thin spoke design. Country of origin is listed as China, however, TMI lists their factory in Washington. While we love customization of any sort, the elevated price and relative lack of information has us left in awe.

With all of the options available, are customized rims worth $10,000 to you?

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