Ford Mustang Is Dream Car of ‘Car Experts’

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Study also finds Ford Mustang is a top favorite among women.

The combined jackpot of the Powerball and Mega Millions lotteries is currently about $1 billion. Yes, with a “b.” One. Billion. Dollars. Everyone who has either already bought tickets or is going to has given a lot of thought as to what they’ll do with their potential winnings. Many of them have probably pictured getting a “dream car.” For some, that’s a massive Rolls-Royce sedan. For others, it’s a super-powerful Koenigsegg. There’s a great chance many lottery players will get a Ford Mustang of some sort if they get the right numbers.

Gold Eagle, an automotive chemicals company, surveyed 2,000 people to discover which vehicle was the car of their dreams. The Chevrolet Camaro was the fifth most common response. Ahead of that, the Camaro’s big brother: the Corvette. The Jeep Wrangler came in third place. The No. 2 spot went to the — get ready for this — Tesla Model S. At the top of the dream car list was the Ford Mustang.

In all honesty, it’s not that surprising an answer. Even people who already own a Mustang fantasize about owning another more powerful and expensive one.

However, Gold Eagle’s additional research yielded some more interesting and unexpected findings. For instance, 61 percent of the people who picked the Mustang as their ideal wheels were women. The Wrangler was even more of a hit with the ladies. It was almost the exact opposite case with the Tesla Model S.

Down in Texas, you can blindly throw a rock and hit a Mustang, but the Tesla is more beloved in the southwest, according to Gold Eagle. The midwest and southeast regions of the country are where the Mustang reigns supreme. Oddly, those regions define their dream car as being efficient and luxurious, respectively.

The folks Gold Eagle surveyed said the traits they most wanted their dream cars to have were four-wheel drive, size, and safety. Hmm… Those don’t exactly equate to a Mustang. The female respondents seemed more geared toward the Mustang, saying they wanted their dream car to have a convertible top, a sunroof, or speed.

Survey participants also had to share a little about themselves. Those who considered themselves “not knowledgeable” about cars picked the Tesla. Self-described “car experts” selected the Mustang as their dream car.

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