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Military Serviceman’s Cool Cobra Deserves a Salute

Whipple Mustang Cobra

With its owner’s deployment drawing near, this 787-hp Mustang is ready to give the quarter-mile all it’s got.

  Comments | By - December 6, 2018

1995 Ford Mustang Cobra R Pops Up on Craigslist

The Mustang Source - 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra R

Rare, low-mileage, limited-edition Mustang deserves so much more than a Craigslist posting.

  Comments | By - January 12, 2018

This 2007 Ford Mustang is an Odd Mash-Up of Strange Cars

This 2007 Ford Mustang is proof that there's a wrong way to customize a car.

Every passionate car owner wants to make their car their own. But this poor 2007 Mustang is proof that customization isn’t always a good idea.

  Comments | By - August 8, 2017

Everything You Hate About Craigslist Buyers

Craigslist is the home of low-ballers and stupid trades, and we sadly have to live among these people.

  Comments | By - January 25, 2017

Buy This Camaro-Murdering Volvo So I Don’t Have To

When it comes to creating the ultimate sleeper, a Volvo is a great starting point.

  Comments | By - February 5, 2016

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