S197 Mustang Drifter Invades Hoonigans Headquarters

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We love every part of this sideways, tire-killing Mustang, except the Chevy-borne LS motor underneath the hood.

If you’re a fan of smokey, tire-destroying, mindless action, you probably already know all about YouTubers The Hoonigansas featured in the above video. One of YouTube’s most entertaining channels, it attracts all sorts of incredible rides. All of which share one common theme – they’re ridiculously overpowered and insanely fun to sling around. Which is essentially the mantra of Hoonigans to being with – “behaving in a rude and aggressive way, especially driving in a dangerous way.” And their latest guest, this S197 Mustang, certainly fits that bill.

Owned by a fella name Josh, this Mustang is a pretty incredible build in its own right. There’s just one tiny, teething problem with it. Power comes not from a Coyote or even on old school 5.0, but rather a turbo’d LS. Yes, we’re not exactly pleased with this development, but Josh does have his reasons for this combo. Namely, he originally built the motor for a Camaro, but when he came across this wrecked S197 Mustang for a song, he couldn’t pass it up.

S197 Mustang

With a capable motor already built and a freshly repaired car, it just made sense to commit what many would call total brand blasphemy. And while we could debate the merits of that move all day, we’ll just move on and talk about how cool the rest of this build is. The boosted LS pumps out 557 horsepower to the rear wheels courtesy of 13 pounds of boost, which is more than enough to get ‘er sideways at will.

S197 Mustang

And everything else, unsurprisingly, is purpose-built drifter. As in, gutted and caged with everything you need to go racing and nothing else. So it’s no surprise that the Mustang fares quite well at a game of “clipping points,” which is highly entertaining. Almost enough so that we’re willing to forgive the powertrain swap sin. Almost.

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