RTR Mustang ‘Dragg’ Car Fights Crime with Raw Speed

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RTR Mustang Drag Car

Instead of chasing baddies, this killer Mustang helps keep at-risk youth from falling into a life of crime.

For most kids growing up in rough areas of the country, pivotal decisions are made early in life. And the pressure to make the wrong choices is often too strong to ignore. Preventing our nation’s youth from choosing a life of crime requires more than just a stern talking, obviously. So the enterprising folks of the Ventura County police department came up with a better idea. Get together with at-risk youth and get them involved in automotive repair and customization.

The innovative after school program is called DRAGG (Drag Racing Against Gangs & Graffiti), and it offers kids a viable alternative to a life of crime. Together with various members of the automotive industry, DRAGG has given a large group of youngsters the opportunity to not only build some awesome cars, but race them as well. And the latest fruit of that labor is the awesome RTR Mustang we spotted at this year’s Long Beach Grand Prix.

RTR Dragg Mustang

The end result is certainly something that would give any good criminal second thoughts about trying to flee. This killer ride is actually the third Mustang built by DRAGG and its students. And it’s most certainly the most wicked. The group originally constructed a 2006 drift car with a Vortech supercharger. Then a 2015 Ecoboost with air ride suspension. But it’s safe to say that neither gets the job done in a straight line like this brand spankin’ new RTR.

RTR Dragg Mustang

Normally, the mere sight of a police car is enough to give us a little anxiety. But this Mustang is certainly something that we can get behind. Anything that gets youngsters involved in this great hobby of ours instead of landing them behind bars is obviously a good thing, after all.

Photos for The Mustang Source by Derin Richardson.

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