Police Chased this Stolen Mustang for an Hour

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Mustang Car Chase

Mustang on the lam hits speeds exceeding 100 mph in a wild chase around LA, ending with the driver’s inevitable arrest.

The rise of video streaming services has left live television struggling. In southern California, it basically boils down to the Oscars, the Dodgers, and car chases. For that reason, TV news stations are more than happy to pay the exorbitant cost of putting a helicopter in the air and filming a car chase. It always gets an audience. In this case, it was a stolen Mustang with a driver happy to hit high speeds, and local station KTLA-5 picking up the chase.

Around 10:45 p.m on a Monday night, Los Angeles Police Department started pursuing a stolen 5th generation Mustang. Instead of pulling over, the driver headed for the freeways. That’s where he started getting reckless.

The suspect was driving erratically and hitting speeds over 100 mph. At one point he drove into a construction zone on the 710. Towards the end of the chase, he had looped all the way back toward El Sereno. Thankfully there was very little traffic as the driver was crossing lanes and running red lights. The suspect must have either run out of energy, or thought the police were waiting for him to run out of fuel. He slowed down and California Highway Patrol units just followed him for a while. Then, not long before midnight, an officer driving a Ford Police Interceptor Utility came up alongside and performed a textbook quality PIT maneuver.

The suspect didn’t try to run and just gave himself up. Almost comically, after an hour of running from the cops, his arrest was around 3 miles from where the pursuit started. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. However, the actual owner of the Mustang now has a Ford Interceptor push bar-shaped dent in the side of his car.

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