New Launch Control System to be Standard on 2015 Mustang GT

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The closer we get to the official street rollout of the new 2015 Mustang the more we’re learning of things that make us even more anxious to get behind the wheel.

The latest bit of info is geared more towards performance buffs. It includes news that the all-new Launch Control system will be standard on the GT model, highlighted in an Auto Week report.

The feature, which was developed in house by Ford, allows the driver to choose the launch setting anywhere from 3,000-4,500 rpms. Then it’s just a matter of pinning the clutch and the throttle, then dropping the clutch on the s550 for take-off.

According to Auto Weel, the Track Apps, which gives the drive access to performance data such as G meter, and time acceleration in the cluster, will also be standard on the GT and EcoBoost-equipped 2015 Mustangs.

source [Auto Week]

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