New GT500 Renderings Give a Glimpse of the Upcoming Hellcat-Killer

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Shelby GT500 Front TMS

We know it’ll be beautiful, but what other tricks does Ford have planned?

Even as a Mustang fan, you have to hand it to Dodge. While the Mustang has been historically the gold-standard when it comes to American sports cars, the Hellcat has made waves by offering over 700 horsepower to the general public. However, Ford isn’t just going to let Dodge have the 700+ horsepower game. No, this year they’re set to release the new Mustang GT500, and we at The Mustang Source have some renderings we think will give you an idea of what you can expect from this beast.

Not much is known about the Mustang GT500. We know that they’ll probably build off the GT350 in terms of parts and components. Odds are, Ford will use a supercharged version of the great 5.2-liter V8 found in the GT350. That engine already puts out an impressive 526 horsepower, and the addition of the supercharger very well could push the GT500 well above 700.

Renderings Shelby Mustang GT500

There have been other leaks that hint to other components that could perhaps be used in the new GT500, from the brakes to the type of supercharger. What is certain is Ford is positioning this Mustang as the definitive response to Dodge and Chevy, who are already in the 700+ horsepower arena. With that being said, expect a few tricks up Ford’s sleeve. Could they include AWD? Maybe they’ll borrow the GT’s 7-speed transmission?

This GT500 should set the standard for style, power, and quality that the other two companies will strive to compete against. So, what do you think of the renders? Is this the Hellcat-killer that we have been hoping for?

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