New Formula Drift Mustang’s Hotness Only Rivaled by Four-Rotor 1,200HP Miata

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Smell that? That’s the impending scent thousands of dollars of rubber being ground into asphalt for essentially no other reason other than the fact that humans love using absurdly powerful machines to compete against one another. Specifically, we’re talking about the rubber from Nitto Tires, one of the sponsors and teams that just announced its squad for the upcoming Formula Drift season.

The vet and frontman, Vaughn Gittin Jr., will be behind the wheel of the black and gold 2016 Ford Mustang S550 RTR. Using the 436 Ford Performance/Roush Yates V8, the RTR spins the wheels with 900 horsepower at 9,000 rpms.


The second man on the roster is “Mad Mike” Whiddett, and though his ride isn’t an S550, or any Mustang for that matter, it might be the craziest and most interesting of the bunch. He’ll be driving a new version of his RADBUL Mazda MX-5. So what’s so interesting about that? Well, it’s a twin-turbo, flippin’ four-rotor behemoth that produces 1,200 horsepower.

The last, but not least, driver who will be sporting the NT05 Nitto Tires this season is Formula Drift Pro 2 champion Alex Heilbrunn. He has a supercharged LS-powered BMW E46 to whip around the track.

The season begins April 8 with Round 1 of competition at the Long Beach street track.

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