Mustang Tops List as Most Desired Classic Car in Europe

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The idea of classic Mustangs topping a dream list for most desired collectible cars comes as little surprise in the U.S., but in Europe?

Yep, it appears so.

A study conducted with more than 75,000 people from Belgium, Austria, Germany, Holland and Spain found that 37 percent of those surveyed named the Ford Mustang as the top classic car they’d like to own, according to an Auto Scout 24 report.

Second in the poll? The BMW M1 with 20 percent of those surveyed listing the BMW sports car as their most desired vintage ride. The Volkswagen Beetle scored third on the list with 11 percent.

Despite the fact that to date the Mustang has only been offered in Europe by private importers, the pony car has clearly built up quite a rep overseas since it was launched in 1964.  The Auto Scout study found that the Mustang’s biggest fan base was in Austria (42 percent) and Spain (41 percent). In Germany, the Ford pony car ranked as the top desired classic car for 34 percent of those surveyed.

Not bad for a car born and bred in good ole Detroit.

It’s a good indication that Ford might really be on to something with its big focus on ensuring that the next-gen Mustang have more global appeal. Considering that the 2015 model will be the first time the pony car will be officially sold in Europe, it’s bound to boost its popularity there even more, which could give it even more clout in the states.

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