Mustang Makes Up Significant Portion of Sports Car Insurance Claims

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Ford Mustang

Recent report says Mustang owners are more likely to record an insurance loss than the average car owner. But there’s more to the story.

In news that should surprise no one, the Ford Mustang is a muscle/sports car. Throughout history, it’s typically been pretty fast right off the showroom floor. The Mustang has also long topped the sales charts when it comes to these types of vehicles. Add up all those facts, and it’s no surprise that plenty of people tend to, well, crash them.

So we weren’t terribly surprised to see that the pony car was recently ranked as the common car model with the highest number of collision insurance losses by the International Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), with the below infographic by Title Max. In fact, the Mustang sports an insurance loss rate far greater than the average vehicle. But it isn’t all bad news, of course.


For starters, the study includes only “the most researched vehicles on Edmunds.” And we already know that it is a popular model. So the report is a little bit biased from the start. Secondly, the Mustang isn’t even close to claiming the highest overall collision loss.

That distinction goes to the Bentley Continental GT, which is 6.5 times worse than the average car on this list. It’s joined by the BMW i8 and Maserati Gran Turismo, which isn’t a surprise. High-end luxury cars obviously cost more to begin with. And in this case, IIHS’s report concludes that they’re also driven by folks who are typically at-fault more than others.

Ford Mustang

All of which makes perfect sense. People that buy fast cars tend to drive them fast. People that buy hybrids and econoboxes don’t. So in essence, this report just basically confirms what we already know. But still, it’s also a great reminder to be safe out there, Mustang fans.

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