Mustang Pile-Up Crash in Dubai

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Even in other countries, low-quality drivers are giving Mustang owners a bad name.

While all sorts of performance cars are captured on film crashing due to driver error, the Ford Mustang has become the poster-child for poorly-driven performance cars. The internet is rife with footage of Mustang drivers losing control and crashing, usually when leaving car shows around the USA. However, the video above proves that it isn’t just crappy drivers in the US giving Mustang owners a bad name. This group of pony car owners in Dubai all run into each other while leaving an event.

Mustang Wreck in Dubai

The Mustang crash in Dubai

We have searched the internet for more details on this Ford Mustang pile-up crash in Dubai, but sadly, we haven’t found any real details. All we know is that a group of drivers left some sort of “car meet” in the United Arab Emeries and everything went all to hell.

As you can see in the video above from the YouTube channel of David Griffith, it looks like nine newer Ford Mustangs headed out onto the road and seven of them sustained damage when they all piled up. It looks as though the first two cars in the group were unscathed, but the rest of them all have damage to the front, back or both ends.

The first damaged car is a black S550 Mustang GT and that car appears to have two more driven into the rear end – a silver S197 and a blue S197 with white stripes. The black Mustang has some rear end damage and it looks like the blue car has some front end damage, but as the cameraman moves further along, we can see that the damage intensifies.

The blue S197 Mustang GT has a white S197 jammed up under it, with significant damage to both cars and in the far lane, it looks as though another blue car with white stripes has run into the silver S197 that hit the black S550. The white Mustang has clearly been hit hard from behind by a blue S550 Shelby with gold stripes, doing a ton of damage to the back of the older car and the front of the newer car. Finally, a red S550 Mustang GT has shoved itself up under the back end of that Shelby, doing a ton of damage to both cars.

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