Shelby GT500 Mule Spotted on Video With Subtle Changes

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Mustang Shelby GT500

Could this milder-looking Mustang Shelby GT500 mule signal the existence of a track-focused R variant?

To date, we’ve spotted a number of Mustang Shelby GT500 prototypes running around public roads. And despite being disguised by heavy camo, we’ve been able to discern that they mostly all look the same. Until now, that is. The latest version of Ford’s future range-topping pony was spied sporting one subtle yet important difference that’s rather clear in this Facebook video.

We’re referring to that small lip spoiler running across the trunk, which is a big departure from the one we saw in Ford’s official teaser pic for the Mustang Shelby GT500. It’s a low profile look, albeit much more conservative than what we’ve expected so far. And given the fact that we didn’t see any sort of spoiler at all on the automatic transmission-equipped Shelby we spied recently, it raises even more questions.

Mustang Shelby GT500

In theory, looking at this most likely means that Ford will offer both small and large spoilers for GT500 customers to choose from. However, it could also mean that we’ll see a racier R variant of the reborn GT500, much like the current GT350R, though we doubt it will be called “GT500R” pe se. Still, it is much in line with what we’ve seen with the new Corvette ZR1 as well, which is available with an optional ZTK track pack sporting a massive rear wing.

Our money is on the latter. Given the success of the GT350 and GT350R, we’d fully expect there to be a more track-focused variant of Ford’s king snake. Heck, they might even go all out and revive the KR moniker. In the meantime, you can bet we’ll be maintaining our laser focus on the rebirth of one of our favorite automotive nameplates in history.

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