Mustang EV ‘Charges’ Its Way to Goodwood Festival 2019

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With an extremely high starting price, what does the Charge Cars EV Mustang offer in terms of value and performance?

Ever dreamt of owning a 1960’s Mustang? I have. Every time I see those sleek and sexy body lines on the road and hear the rumble of the carb-powered V8 at the stop light, it makes me a little sad that I’m not driving that home instead. What if I told you that you could buy one of these classic Mustangs, but it was AWD and 100% powered by electric motors? You might not believe me. Let’s introduce you to the Charge Cars Ford Mustang.

At this year’s world-famous Goodwood Festival of Speed on the fourth of July in the U.K. Charge Cars will debut its 500 electric horsepower classic Ford Mustang. This will be the first time the world gets to see these unique builds in person and for that we are excited. The concept of the company for this Mustang is to push the boundaries of modern technology for an emissions-free future while keeping the love and aesthetic of iconic classic muscle car design.

Charge Cars Mustang

Charge Cars have taken 499 officially licensed shells for classic 1960s Mustangs to create this new vehicle. However, the Mustang features far from a stock interior and obviously a very different power plant. The two electric motors combine to make an impressive 536 HP and 885 ft/lbs of torque. That’s a lot of potential considering the fact that electric motors allow for literal instant power delivery.

Charge Cars Mustang

The interior features a large Tesla-like touch screen in the middle of the cabin, allowing drivers to tune suspension settings or turn the vehicle into RWD or AWD. The Charge Cars EV also has a 200 mile range and sub-4 second 0-to-60 mph time with a 149 mph top speed.

Charge Cars Mustang

However, don’t doubt that these complex classics will come at a hefty price. Pricing for the new Charge Cars Ford Mustang begins at a lofty $380,000. That’s a whole lot of change for a car. Is it worth it? We’ll have to stay tuned to Goodwood 2019 to really find out.

Charge Cars EV

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