Motor Week Tests 2018 Mustang GT On the Track and Street

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It’s the Mustang GT that’s all things to all enthusiasts, without compromise.

Roebling Road Raceway was host to Motor Week recently, as they wanted to put the 2018 Mustang GT through its paces in an appropriate environment. Obviously 2018 is an important year for the 6th gen Mustang, with a significant refresh that includes new looks, but also more power.

Motor Week’s John Davis lauds it immediately, noting that it has “no glaring flaws and is without a doubt the best total package.” Seeing as you can get your GT in a few different flavors depending on the Performance Package you choose, there’s a GT for everyone. Motor Week 2018 Ford Mustang GT Review

Motor Week’s car had the level one performance package on it, but as Davis pointed out, it also included level 2’s “game-changing MagnaRide shocks.” These aren’t your ordinary adjustable shocks, because not only can they account for driving conditions, but even have parameters for ambient temperatures as well. Even so, the GT stays mostly planted but the increase in power from the 5.0 means grip from the rear tires can be overwhelmed.


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But for most owners, this car won’t live its entire life on a race track. Daily commutes will be more in line for the majority of owners. The shocks that work so well on track now can add a bit of comfort to your trip down imperfect roads. Ford also understands that you have a desire for a roarty exhaust, and it sure does let you delve into every decibel. But they also know you have neighbors who might not want a 5.0 liter alarm clock. Quiet mode is available for the exhaust, using baffles to hush the exhaust. Now you can casually leave your neighborhood at 5:30am and still stay friendly to your neighbors.

We think that’s why the 2018 is the best iteration of Mustang. Yes, older versions have a lot of heritage and charisma, but there’s certainly no lack of enjoyment here. Heritage will come in time, but we have a feeling the 2018 will be a stand-out year for our favorite pony car.

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