Missing ‘Bullitt’ Mustang Possibly Found in Mexico

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Steve McQueen’s Four-Wheeled Bullitt Co-Star Might Have Been Uncovered in a Shop Down Mexico Way

A member of the Vintage-Mustang forum, Fede Garcia, recently visited a Mexico-based muscle car shop where he uncovered what could be the missing Bullitt Mustang.

There were two cars used for filming what may be the world’s greatest Mustang movie. One is tucked away in Kentucky, and another is unaccounted for. After filming ended, the car was sold off. And Frank Bullitt himself, Steve McQueen, attempted to buy the car from its new owner, to no avail. Decades later, it may have been found.

Bullitt Mustang

There are a few details of the car that point to it being the film car, including the reinforced shock towers and strong Ford 9″ rear axle. In the trunk are some strange holes supposedly used to house a generator powering movie lighting. And there’s a large hole to evacuate the generator’s exhaust.

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Mr. Garcia owns a fastener business and has been a Mustang fanatic for ages. He does business with the shop in question. Allegedly, the shop owner was contracted to turn this GT Fastback into yet another Eleanor clone. But while checking the VIN and title history of the car, he identified it as the missing¬†Bullitt car. It’s well documented that the car in question had a VIN reading¬†8R02S125558,¬†and Garcia claims that the Mexican car’s tag matches that number.

None of this has been substantiated, but the car has supposedly been in Mexico for at least 20 years, after residing in the Baja peninsula area of California for a while after filming. The car is going to be shown at a local Ford dealership for one day before being shipped back to the U.S. for a proper and full restoration, back to its full Highland Green splendor. We hope to have more information on this car soon.

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