Jay Leno Digs Into History of Boss 429

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Boss 429

Jay Leno has gotten his hands on yet another piece of automobile history, this time in the form of a Mustang Boss 429.

The car, featured in a recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, has been 100% restored by Marcus Anghel of Anghel Restorations. But it’s the history of the car that makes it special.

Built to give Ford more cred in the world of muscle cars and racing, the Boss 429 is one of the most coveted Mustangs on the planet. What most might not know is that the car wasn’t even built by Ford. The carmaker contracted a company by the name of Kar Kraft to craft a limited number of the Mustangs fitted with a huge 375-horsepower 429 V8, which has made it a prized collectible for Mustang fans and other automobile enthusiasts alike.

Check out Jay Leno’s time behind the wheel of Marcus Anghel’s Boss 429 in the video below, then let us know what you think.

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