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Electrical Issue, Multiple unrelated systems failu

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I have had my 99 Stang for about 3 and a half years now. It has never had a major issue and has always worked well. About a year ago I had an aftermarket radio put in. It has worked fine for a good solid year and then all of a sudden I get in the car two days ago and the radio has stopped. No power to the radio at all. So I went in and took the radio out just to see if anything looked wrong. All connections were solid and the wiring harnesses looked fine.

I took the radio out and took it to best buy to have them hook it to a tester to see if it was just the radio. The found the radio head unit to be in fine working condition.

So when I went to put the radio back in my car it was a hot day so I turned the car on and went to roll down the window when I realized that the Automatic Down feature also no longer worked. The window worked and I could put the window up and down, just not the auto down.

Well later that night it started to rain so I went to turn on the wipers, to my suprise they didn't work either. The wipers just sit there, they never even attempt to move.

So what I originally thought was a radio problem is now a multi system problem that their only relation to each other is that they are all electrical. The weirdest part is all the fuses are intact. So, I am unsure where to go from here...

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i'm sitting here trying to think of a response but
sounds like you need a whole new computer system but theres gotta be something else you can try before you go that route...

go through the car and try to find all of the connectors and everything connected to the wiring harness
make sure everything is connected firmly
make sure there arent any melted wires
watch for nicks in the insulation of wires

i really dk what to say
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hmm the fuses are okay so that means that you have an open circut somewhere. Take a VOM and see if you can find where your not getting current. Try the windows, radios, wiper motor, and any other connects you see under the dash and around those problem areas.
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