Aftermarket 2005+ Mustangs Discuss the Offerings from Roush, Saleen, Steeda, Shinoda, and Others


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Freeways are usually busy i havent seen one freeway in my whole life time not have alot of cars/
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I said its the middle of nowhere as far as socal is concerned.....try finding a freeway with less than a major traffic jam out would be out there were its not empty but in comparison you are alone.....not like the middle of America nowhere...but socal nowhere if that makes sense....and that stretch of freeway is hardly ever really jammed with cars good place to go do freeway test with most people not caring and the car going relatively unnoticed
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Originally posted by iceman241@June 8, 2005, 3:22 PM
Why would they bring a concept car on the road where everyone could see seems to not make any sence to me they usually have concept cars guarded where it is nearly impossable to see them. Usually if they bring a car like that on the road they have it covered with crap where it is hard to know what it is this is why you keep your camera with you at all times.
The car has been revealed, there is no need to cover it. When manufactures bring out cars like these to test them out they usually do it around one in the morning in a empty road or place were there is almost no one driving.
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Bigfoot has been revealed also but you dont see him out where people can see him.
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Originally posted by iceman241@June 8, 2005, 8:26 PM
Bigfoot has been revealed also but you dont see him out where people can see him.
Now THAT is funny!

Hey, i think i figured out Iceman. He has a pick-up, says "yall", and has terrible grammar. Dude, you must be a red neck!! know, i'm begining to like you Iceman. Perhaps you're growing on me.
Are you sure you're not "Larry the cable guy"? (git 'er done)

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About the same time you started using puncuation.....
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Fia cobra ok you got me i am Larry the cable guy no im not i wish i was i would be one rich bo. But anyways the point is we can argue and argue about this and that but it isnt getting us anywhere so why argue from now on i am not going to argue with anyone lol yeah right who am i kidding i know someone will smart there mouth off to me but really i am going to try and not to argue its useless. And if you saw the concept car cool i am glad for you but just so you know not many people will believe you without proof that is how people are they want proof of things.
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yeah well thats why I was asking if anyone knew why the cobra might be heading north on the 15 freeway outside of Barstow as if someone was driving it to Vegas.

Sunday June 5th.

Believe me I was shocked too, I cranked my head back to see the rear and like I said sure enough it had the duck bill and sun glinted off the chrome shelby letters.

I thought at first it was just a regular red gt with white stripes, which by the way I have yet to see in SoCal.

ps and yes Shelby's building is like a stones throw away from my building, his building is off Figueroa at the 405 and 110 freeway and my building is on Main and the 405, where Figueroa runs right behind our property.

As well as the Nissan building with their race car warehouse is just down the block on Figueroa near 190th.

There are no marking on the building at all, nothing that even says Shelby or CS Enterprises, nothing. The building is a generic white building with a blue stripe about 1/4 down from the roof line.

The only thing that gives it away is the 4 or 5 Goodyear racing semi's parked in the yard.
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Well Shelby may have a facility in LA, but I can tell you firsthand that there are 3 Shelby prototypes at Shelby's facility in Las Vegas, right next to the Las Vegas Motorspeedway. Ive seen a yellow mule with my own eyes. I talked with one of the Managers inside (they do tours of the facility everyday at 10:30 am) and he said they even have one with IRS that SVT has been testing, but that its been eating the rear ends and the live axle is definitely the way they're going. They've been doing testing (braking cycles etc.) out in death valley. The car has the familiar box bolted on the hood to clear the blower on the mules. Ill try to get more info asap. For those that are interested they also have the very 1st Ford GT ever built at the facility right now...not Bill Ford's production unit, but the first one built as a mule car. Vin plate ending in #001 according to the Shelby spokesperson. I think Bill Ford's plate ends in 011.
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I've never seen a car wrapped up in paper to cover it up WHile out on the road, so I'm betting the chances that I've seen a concept car without the wrapping, and just not noticed are better...
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i remember when i saw my first 05 on the road, we were coming back from flatrock and it was on the highway coverd in cheetah print black and white spots!!! he waved to us.....we shulda raced cuz we were in our cobra hahaha! the new shelbys will be made i flat rock with the others
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