Ford Sketches Provide Insight on 2015 Mustang Design

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While there might still be some debate on exactly what to think of the all-new Ford Mustang design, there seems to be no denying the influence some of the classic models have had on the new car.

Preliminary sketches released by Ford, which highlight many of the details that define the 2015 Mustang, reference everything from a front fascia inspired by the ’68 model to the sloping Fastback roof featured on some of our favorite classic Mustangs.

The drawings also offer a bit more insight on some of the lingo used when developing the s550 such as “shark-bite” nose and “Cola bottle-like body side” as well as some of the thinking that went into the design of the car’s interior. One of our favorite notes from the sketches is “The first punching out” used to describe the front area of the car’s protruding hood scoops.

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