Mustang is ‘America’s #1 Dream Car,’ According to Latest Study

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America's dream car is a Ford Mustang

A nationwide survey shows the Ford Mustang still reigns supreme in the ever-raging pony car wars.

Gold Eagle is an automotive product manufacturer that sells protective solvents, polish, oil additives and other items. They recently surveyed 2,000 people to find out what the public considers their “dream car” in 2018. The results are interesting, particularly when you break down the demographics.

The first surprise it that, overall, the Mustang’s closest competitor is Tesla. Of course, Tesla is a brand and a Mustang is a model. It’s not until you look past the initial graphics that you see the Model S is specified.

Mustang is a ‘Dream Car’ for Experts

Curiously, but not unsurprisingly, people that self-identified as car experts most often declared the Mustang their dream car. Whereas those who self-identified as not being knowledgeable about cars mostly chose the Tesla. From the most telling angle, the demographics show that the Midwest and the Southeast are all about the Mustang. Overall, the age demographics put Millennials in a Tesla, Gen X in a Camaro and Baby Boomers in a Corvette. Curiously, the stats for the most valued features in a dream car are size, safety, and being fuel efficient.

America's dream car is a Ford Mustang

Gender Breakdown

Between the genders, 22 percent more women are about the Mustang than the men. Between the top dream car contenders, it’s pretty balanced between the sexes until you get to the Jeep Wrangler and Models S. A massive 81 percent of people choosing the Wrangler are women. Whereas women only make up 37 percent of people choosing a Model S.

What conclusions can we take from this small survey? Well, for a start, people in the midwest and southeast regions are smarter than the cliches suggest. Overall though, the Mustang is a car that appeals evenly through the generations, and people that care about cars prefer a Mustang. Also, Americans definitely love their American cars.

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