V6 Mustang Owners Need to Hear Every Bit of This

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YouTuber with a Mach 1 has a special message for all you six-banger owners out there.

Relax, it isn’t another one of those posts. We know the SN95 and New Edge Mustang guys get a lot of hate as it is, and like the host of this video, we agree that, after a while, enough is enough.

YouTuber Carlos, who goes by Ozomeroman, is the lucky owner of two Mustangs. On his channel, he’s chronicling the build of his gorgeous blue ’03 Mach 1. However, he still has his first Mustang, a 1999 V6.

Dear V6 Mustang Owners

With under 200 horsepower, the V6’s performance isn’t going to impress anybody. Still, they make great comfortable daily drivers, and, as Carlos points out, they can help younger drivers save on insurance.

I think we speak for a lot of Mustang owners when we say that we’d rather see you in a V6 than no Mustang at all. Carlos’ V6 has received a few nice visual modifications, including a GT hood scoop, smoked headlights from a later New Edge, and a Terminator front bumper with a Mach 1-style lower lip.

Dear V6 Mustang Owners

Couple the black paint with blacked-out Bullitt wheels, and this is one mean-looking V6, even if it doesn’t have the performance or sound to back up those looks. It’s not a bad looking car by any stretch, and in this video, he finally installs fog lights into the bumper, completing the look.

Short of a few missing trim pieces, a broken passenger side window, a spray-bombed front bumper, and a dying power steering pump, this Mustang is ready to serve as a loyal daily driver that anyone could be proud of.

If you’ve got a V6 Mustang, you should enjoy every minute of ownership and be proud to be one of us. Just don’t get cocky, kid — we’ve got V8s, you know.

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