Thief Steals Bullitt Mustang Right Out of the Showroom!

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2019 Mustang Bullitt: From Movie Star to Supercar

An Indiana Ford dealership is left to deal with a smashed showroom, but we can take relief knowing at least the pony is mostly ok.

It could almost be a scene from Gone in 60 Seconds if it wasn’t so stupid. On the morning of Wednesday, March 27, some idiot smashed through the showroom doors of Town and Country Ford in Evansville, Indiana, and made off with a brand new Mustang Bullitt. Then, apparently, they had second thoughts about it and ditched it at a nearby apartment complex. While the would-be master thief is still at large, Town and Country is left trying to figure out what happened.

The dealership’s cleaning lady was the first on the scene. According to Larry Oldham, the General Manager of the dealership: “She noticed that these two doors, the large doors that we drive cars in and out of had been broken, and there was glass everywhere throughout half of the showroom.” So not only did the thief smash the glass to get in, they drove the damn car through the remaining glass to escape too.

Town & Country Ford, Evansville, Indiana

Bang Bang Bullitt

To add insult to injury, the DVR that records the data from the dealer’s security system was broken at the time of the heist. So unfortunately, there’s no footage of the theft. Says Larry Reed, the dealer’s head of security: “It’s our responsibility to improve our security posture here and that’s what we’re doing now.” Regardless of whether or not the cameras were rolling, we’ve got a feeling that it probably wouldn’t have deterred the thief from their Grand Theft smash-and-grab.

Unfortunately, there’s no information in the news story on the Bullitt; whether it’s black or green, or what kind of options it has, that’s all unknown. But rest assured, the car is okay. It reportedly suffered minor damage, and will be repaired and sold at a reduced price. So if you’re in the market for a new Bullitt and want a car with a story to tell right out of the box, you might want to talk to someone over at Town and Country Ford. As for the bungling thief: We just hope they don’t quit their day job.

Hero Photo: Derin Richardson

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