Innovative Mustang Camber Arms Provide Performance Missing Link

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Durable, lightweight camber arm from Specialty Products Company offers an easy way to fine tune your Mustang suspension without adding NVH.

We as Mustang enthusiasts spend countless dollars improving our car’s performance. Much of which centers around increasing horsepower at first. But as we add more and more power, we’re forced to also address our car’s suspension setup. So most Mustang owners seek out things like sticky tires, subframe connectors, or IRS bits like cradle lockout kits. But one thing we rarely think about are our car’s rear camber arms.

And that’s an ill-advised oversight, honestly. Whether you’re trying to trim tenths of a second off your 60-foot time or apex a corner at higher speeds, your camber arms play a vital role in optimizing your rear tires’ contact with the pavement. And over time, repeated stress and massive amounts of load can snap weaker stock arms like toothpicks. Thankfully, there is a solution to all of these problems, and it comes to us from Specialty Products Company.

S550 Mustang Rear Camber Arm

Those smart suspension gurus have developed a super-strong and durable forged aluminum link for the S550 Mustang. This is an all-inclusive solution, offering -2 to +3 degrees of camber adjustment and maximum strength, all while also shaving weight off the OEM arms. And while most aftermarket suspension S550 upgrades cause increased NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness), Specialty’s arms use high-rate rubber bushings to retain OEM standards in those categories.

Even better, you don’t even have to remove the wheels to adjust camber. Specialty’s innovative arms allow you to do so thanks to a 1.5-inch hexed eccentric insert at the knuckle end.  Plus, their hex chromate free finish is certified to 700 hour salt spray standards. So they won’t rust away in a couple of years, either.

S550 Mustang Rear Camber Arm

So if you’re looking to fine tune and strengthen your Mustang’s suspension setup without sacrificing ride quality, noise levels, and adding vibration, Specialty Products Company offers up a simple and easy way to do it.


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