World’s Most Dangerous Barbie Mustang

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With a 240cc engine upgrade, this hot pink Barbie Mustang is cute, fast, and dangerous.

We’ve seen some lunatic Mustang builds before, but this one takes the biscuit, puts some icing on top, adds a cherry, then gets washed down with some whiskey. It’s fast, barely controllable, nearly kills the driver and is available from your local toy store for around $300. Unfortunately, the 240cc single cylinder Honda motorcycle engine is not included. Mainly because a toy car that can do 72 mph, 0-60 mph in 6.0 seconds and the quarter-mile in 16 seconds is not the kind of vehicle you want to put the fragile fruit of your love into. Even if you have a YouTube channel and a GoPro.

Fortunately, a group of adult-ish car enthusiasts known on YouTube as the Grind Hard Plumbing Co is foolish enough to spend a few days transplanting an internal combustion engine into a Power Wheels Barbie Ford Mustang. And, as you don’t need to imagine after watching the video, all that power in a 36-inch wheelbase that hasn’t been developed, well, it’s not very controllable. We can see that it either understeers or spins out with not much in between.

Honda-powered Barbie Mustang

We can also see that taking it out to play between a road and a steep drop down to a railroad track isn’t a smart idea, and they were just a few inches off of this being a very different video indeed. Thankfully, Grind Hard Plumbing Co appears to be developing their Barbie Mustang and have released a follow-up video. This one shows just how fast their Barbie Mustang is on take-off and what it’ll do flat out before a fueling issue kicks in.

We really hope they keep playing with this little project. And maybe even put some kind of safety equipment on there. As wonderfully hilarious as it is, calling it sketchy is an understatement.

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