A 2015 Ford Mustang… Sedan?

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Chances are if you have two younger kids, you’ve had a hard time justifying that new 2015 Mustang as your main vehicle.

The idea of shuffling the little ones and their friends back and forth to school in a two-door sports car just has never been all that feasible. Sure, the new Mustang might have a little more room than the previous model.  But deep inside you know it really doesn’t make sense regardless of what you might cook up in your head.

Voilà, your worries are over. Well, at least in that dream world you’ve been living in.

While it’s almost certain that Ford would never build it, someone has cooked up an illustration of a 2015 Mustang sedan that makes the car a lot more practical for a family of four.

Here comes the sales pitch:

“The all-new 2015 Ford Mustang sedan features the same sleek styling as the coupe but in a four-door model so you can really enjoy the car with your family.”

Not sold?

Well, we certainly aren’t here at The Mustang Source, but we figured we’d share the info anyway along with our corny sales pitch line to keep us all entertained.

via [Carscoops]

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