2015 Shelby GT350 Shows Up on Dealer Order System

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Ah, the good news for Mustang performance enthusiasts just keeps rolling in for the 2015 model.

Sure, just about all Mustang fans revel in the idea of performance on some level or they probably wouldn’t be driving one of the Ford pony cars – especially when it comes to the later models.

Still, we know that there are some of us who revel in it a lot more than others.  That’s why the recent news that Ford might offer a solid rear axle on the 2015 model for the drag strip has gotten so much buzz among Mustang performance enthusiasts.

The latest is that a Shelby GT350 has shown up on a new demo promo computer order system for a dealer although many speculate the car will likely return as a dealer-direct package rather than a Shelby add-on, according to a Top Speed report.

Either way, we’re betting that most are just excited to hear news about higher-performance models of the new Mustang being folded into the mix.

via [Top Speed]

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