American Muscle’s Project Fox-body Runs 11s And Makes 466 WHP

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American Muscle’s Project: Fox-body reaches into its 4th stage with some exciting results like new dyno numbers of 466 hp and 450 lb-ft at the wheels and 11.63 @ 120 mph at the track. The stock bottom-end and T5-equipped Fox-body convertible is one clean car and American Muscle really brought it back from dead! Want proof, watch Part 1!

Speaking of coming along way, the original dyno numbers stared at 194 hp and 266 lb-ft and after some bolt-ons and a FRPP heads and cam combo it jumped to 279 hp and 317 lb-ft at the wheels. Now, after a Vortech V3SI high-boost kit it’s swelled to 466 hp and 450 lb-ft and proceeded to smoke its Stage 1 Exede clutch in just a few runs, but nonetheless, it still chopped off a mid 11-second run and looked great in the process!

Visit American Muscle for more info and enjoy the video of a tattered-Fox turned resto revival.

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