1971 Mach 1 Raffle Car

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This Raffle at the Chicago Auto Show Contrasts the Stunning ’71 Mach 1 With Ford’s Newest Models

Chicago’s Auto Show is never a disappointment. If you happen to stroll into the Ford booth, you’ll be impressed with the lineup, no doubt. You’ll get to stare at the new 2018 GT for a while. And you’ll get to enter a raffle to win a new car.

1971 Mach 1

Of course, when we say “new,” we aren’t talking about a brand-new car. Instead, on the last day of the show, Ford is giving away this 1971 Mustang Mach 1.

The raffle was put together by Mimi Crabtree, on behalf of JDRF Illinois. JDRF does research and helps those with Type-1 diabetes.

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Impressively restored by Mike Babala, this Mach 1 has some unique trim options. It’s actually quite rare among Mach 1 models. Powered by the tried-and-true 351, and sending power to a 3.00 rear end, this Cruise-O-Matic Mustang is sure to be loved by the lucky winner.

Partnering with Ford, JDRF hopes their increased presence at the auto show will help raise a healthy sum. Officials expect an estimated $200,000 to be raised throughout the show.

Raffle tickets can be bought during the show’s public days, which run through February 20. The Grabber Blue Mach 1 winner will be announced on the final day. If you’re in Chicago, now you have even more reason to stop by.

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