This Mustang Trailer Crash Will Wreck You

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Video Proves You’re Never Too Old to Heed Some Parental Advice

Remember when you were young, and your parents would say things like, “Take your time”? Or “Don’t rush”?

Well, apparently that principle doesn’t always stick on into adulthood. At least, that’s our best summation of what happened when loading this ’65 Mustang into a trailer. It goes horribly wrong, as you can see above.

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For starters, that ramp setup doesn’t even look sound enough to support a classic beauty like this. Clearly, the driver finds himself a little concerned, as well. Notice how he sticks his head out the window trying to better assess the climb? Then he either senses he’s losing traction, or he simply gives it too much gas.

Either way, it seems like the load team should have taken a few more precautions when handling this special Mustang. Hopefully, it sounds a lot worse than the actual damage done to the Mustang.

As cringe-worthy as the clip is to watch, though, at least it’s not another Mustang driver crashing after leaving a Cars and Coffee event. Although, the video seems to be well on its way to getting as many views as some of those crash videos.

Via [Jalopnik]

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