Although the title of the video on the YouTube channel states “Whipple and Turbo Cobras,” we can’t see a turbo Cobra … anywhere. Maybe we’re blind; then again, maybe we’re not, but I digress because you don’t need turbos when you’ve got blowers this big.

It’s a bad-ass Pro Street Fox-body Mustang with a 347 stroker and a giant 6-71 Blower and it burns rubber: ’nuff said! No really though, I’ve never seen a 6-71 on a Fox-body and this Pro Street theme fits it well! The ’88 Mustang isn’t just horsepower, it’s also got hook thanks to an S&W []

Article courtesy of, your source for all the latest Ford Mustang news and articles.JBA Speed Shop has announced the release of their new supercharger system designed specifically for the 2012-2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302. Designed in partnership with Vortech superchargers, the system is 50-state smog legal and comes with a Vortech V3 SI compressor []

Each year holds the Mustang Mayhem dyno competition. Six of the sickest street cars they could find hit the rollers to see who reigned supreme. The competition consisted of everything from three-valve S197s and Terminator Cobras to GT500s of different vintages and even a Shelby Super Snake. Despite 95 degree ambient temps, competitors rolled []

Whoever said slowing down was part of getting older should watch this video! This Terminator Cobra throws down 755WHP thanks to a 3.4L Whipple and puts it into forward motion through a solid-axle swap. The driver, who’s said to be 60 years old, can also row the box!