With this EcoBoost Mustang, Ford is looking to grab some of the tuner crowd’s money and the attention of millennial buyers, and you know what? They should be.

It’s said that dog is man’s best friend, and if you live in the Vaughn Gittin household, you can be sure his faithful companion will be a car enthusiast, too. So, when Vaughn and his dog, Brody, go out for a grocery-shopping trip, Brody gets an idea.

The video after the jump follows the step-by-step build process of a Cobra Jet from a shell to a complete car.

There will be more than just the Ford Mustang coming to the U.S. with the turbocharged-EcoBoost-and-RWD action. The Zenos E10 S will be coming over as well with the EcoBoost 2.0L. It also features the two things that made Colin Chapman legendary: lightness and a spartan cabin.

In case you didn’t know, man’s best friend is a huge fan of the Ford pony car as well.