If you’re worried that the 2015 Mustang EcoBoost isn’t going to get much love from the aftermarket industry, don’t be.

Scary. That’s our take on this rendering of a hatchback model for the new Mustang. In concept, this would probably add a lot more functionality to the S550, but at a hefty price. That price being catastrophic ugliness.

We caught up with Kerry Baldori, Chief Functional Engineer of Global Performance Vehicles at Ford, who helped lead the team that engineered the Shelby GT350 lineup.

According to the upcoming Chicago Auto Show website, the Ford GT350 Mustang comes up as one of the tags under the “Convertibles” section of the “Vehicles on Display.” But we’ve got our doubts.

A 69-year-old Army veteran and his 66-year-old wife were found dead in Georgia after allegedly being killed by a man who claimed to be selling a 1966 Ford Mustang.