Here’s another perfect example of why everyone doesn’t deserve to own or drive a Mustang.

It should come as no surprise that with more than two decades of experience in beefing up Mustangs, Saleen would be unleashing its own spin on the new Ford pony car.

Hyundai had big dreams and aspirations for the Genesis Coupe when it debuted, but America and the Mustang punched back hard and the Koreans just couldn’t keep up.

We’ve all got our top-10 favorite Mustangs, but what about famous car collectors like Jay Leno? Ever wondered what someone with deep pockets thinks is the bee’s knees in the form of Mustangs?

It has “epic,” written all over it: Steve Miller Band is playing in the background and there’s a running Mustang (horse) and the new-for-1979 Ford Mustang rolling down the road. The commercial uses such catchphrases as; “dramatic sports-car styling”, “one of the most efficient aerodynamic designs of any car now built in America”, and “feel it slice through the wind.” Wow.