Here are seven indicators from 2014 that speak to the fact that some of the Mustang’s best performance days are still yet to come.

Mustang fans in Europe are getting a bit of interesting news to kick off the New Year because pricing for the 2015 model was leaked online. Find out more about it after the jump.

Burnouts and smoking rear tires are just as American as the Mustang and they’re God-given rights, but that doesn’t mean that you’re an expert at either of them the moment you purchase your new S197 or 2015. So, for you new Mustang owners out there, let the following video be a lesson on what not to do with your brand new car.

There was a part of me that started to skip right over the following video when I first stumbled upon it. The fact that it featured a “2015” Mustang that looked an awful lot like a 2014 model made me give it a shot, if only for the chance to see how far off-topic the hosts might drift. See what I mean after the jump.

Saying that Lynda Alsip is having a good day is probably making an understatement. The Californian, whose 1967 Mustang was stolen 28 years ago in the city of Salinas, finally re-took ownership of the classic car.