Gas Monkey Garage put up the 1972 Ford Mustang Fastback for sale on EBay for 24 hours after showing it on an episode of “Fast and Loud”. It sold for over $50,000.00, but was it because it was an awesome resto-mod or because of the show? Let’s take a look into the car itself. According [...]

  Hey, legends really never die. That’s why they’re called legends because their legacy lives on forever. The idea that Ford could be considering the idea of making a Bullitt trim package for the new Mustang (as reported by the Auto Blog), makes perfect sense to us. The news source says their spy photographer who [...]

If you have been following Formula Drift for over 5 years, you will recognize the name Tony Brakohiapa. His S197 chassis Mustang was last livered in the EBay Motors guise and powered by the incredible sounding Vortech V7 Supercharger. Now, he plans to take on Pikes Peak after working as a stunt driver in the [...]

Still questioning whether the new Ford Mustang will appeal to hardcore enthusiasts?  Well, Ford hasn’t even started shipping the s550 to dealerships yet and high-performance shops are already working on boosting up the power. One of the first we’ve gotten wind of  is by Whipple Supercharger. Their kit will raise the horsepower on the 2015 [...]

A member of the International Mustang Bullitt Owners Club (IMBOC) who goes by WMUCarGuy has given what could be the first real road review of the new Ford Mustang. And he pretty much confirms all the speculation that the s550 might be one of the best Mustangs to date. The IMBC member, who was transporting [...]