Thousands of horsepower and a ready to go drag strip. This is how Mustang’s should be run. ‘MURICA!

The ordering guide for the the new GT350 and the GT350R Shelby Mustangs leaked online, and it tells a pretty darn good story.

Ford’s latest marketing video brings together a group of drifting and hooning Mustangs that spans the car’s complete history. Long live the Mustang!

It’s amazing that a car like this can be released to the general public. The Shelby GT350R is the driver’s car, much like the SVT Cobra R was when it was released. There is no radio, no A/C, no rear seats — anything that didn’t make the car faster has been jettisoned.

According to Shelby American, the company will offer just 50 Signature Edition Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snakes to honor the last Mustang GT500. But what a send-off it shall be.