This is BoostedGT, and you might recognize the car from Street Outlaws on the Discovery Channel. But when he’s not racing on the street, taking people’s money, he’s running far more legal races at local tracks around the Midwest.

These are our first official, up-close and personal looks at the cockpit and the exterior of the new Ford Mustang GT350.

If you see a dyno in the middle of a parking lot that looks to be held up with a few 2x4s, you might want to reconsider putting your GT500 Mustang on it.

Ford’s Chief Mustang Engineer, the man behind the new GT350R, slammed down the gauntlet on Stuttgart’s finest, stating that the new GT350R is better than the new Porsche 911 GT3.

Thousands of horsepower and a ready to go drag strip. This is how Mustang’s should be run. ‘MURICA!