After getting pulled over in a Shelby GT500, we can think of a million worse possibilities than this weird outcome.

Before you get swept up in this impressive track video, let’s talk about what compound boost means, and how you can achieve it.

This Mustang concept is equipped with Ford Racing’s Drag Pack, Handling Pack, and Super Pack supercharger kit that boosts the car to more than 600 horsepower.

Although the title of the video on the YouTube channel states “Whipple and Turbo Cobras,” we can’t see a turbo Cobra … anywhere. Maybe we’re blind; then again, maybe we’re not, but I digress because you don’t need turbos when you’ve got blowers this big.

I won’t condone street racing, even though I might have done it a few times in high school. However, there is no denying some of these cars are ridiculously sick.