Slow Motion Drag Racing Vids May Be Better Than Regular Drag Racing Vids

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Here at The Mustang Source, we certainly enjoy our drag racing vids. We couldn’t really be a fan of the Mustang if we didn’t (shout out to solid rear axles). But there’s an inherent problem them them: they’re so short! They’re done within a few blinks of the eyes. The car goes fast, then it’s over (apologies if that brings up bad thoughts of a touchy personal problem, fellas). But when you incorporate a little bit of slow motion into the mix, everybody’s senses get a little extra pleasure.

In the new 1320 Video clip below, we get multiple drag races with slo-mo scattered throughout. There’s some slo-mo during the burnouts, some during the takeoffs, and some of the cars creeping up to the starting line. And it’s SO MUCH BETTER. It’s really more of an experience. You get to see the torque steer, the tires rippling under the immense pressure, the cars jumping into the air, the parts shaking, the smoke slowly forming, and on and on. Details make everything better, and even when the slow motion stops, it makes the full-speed launch seem even quicker, if that’s even possible.

Click it, watch it, love it. And let me know if you agree that slo-mo makes everything better.

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via [1320 Video]

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